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In 2005, the Chino Police Department was recruiting for police officers.

Jon seized the opportunity to come home and serve the community he grew up in.

He was offered the coaching job for Don Lugo Junior Varsity Baseball. The relationships he developed with the students, coaches and school staff led him to be the School Resource Officer at Don Lugo High School. He developed active shooter training and drills, and worked with the district to label each campus building with a designated letter to provide a faster recognition and response.

As a School Resource Officer, Jon was instrumental in developing parent forums to educate parents on human trafficking, social media, drugs, and student behavior.

School Resourse Officer

He transferred to the Chino Police Department in 2005 to serve the city he grew up in. He was offered the coaching position for Don Lugo Junior Varsity Baseball in 2006. He became the School Resource Officer for Don Lugo in 2009. As a School Resource Officer, Jon was instrumental in developing parent forums to educate parents on human trafficking, social media, drugs, and student behavior.

Selected to the Chino PD SWAT

 With his expertise and proficiency in firearms, Jon was immediately tasked as a range master for the SWAT Team.  Jon’s working relationship with the team and ability to learn quickly led to him being selected as an assistant team leader.  He was selected to be the SWAT sniper and built the team sniper program from scratch.  He collaborated with countless agencies and experienced snipers to build policy, qualification, training matrix and equipment for the sniper element.  Through his efforts the sniper team became a four-man element under his supervision.  Jon served on the SWAT Team for 9 years.  After leaving the SWAT Team in 2019, Jon went back to coaching at Don Lugo for the junior varsity softball team. 

Served as the President of the Police Association

During his time with the Chino Police Department, Jon has been very involved with the Police Association.  He has been on the association board for many years and served as the President for 8 years.  He helped develop community outreach by building a BBQ used for charity/community events, re-instituting Santa’s Sleigh rides during Christmas and becoming active in service groups like Rotary. 

Establilshed Community Relationships

He established a mentoring program at Boys Republic that fostered relationships between the police and trouble teens. He served as President of the Russ Miller Foundation. As President, he developed relationships with local charities, such as Uchooze and Let it Be, and used those relationships to better aid those in need.  Jon’s desire to serve gave him the opportunity to travel the country in 2006 and 2008, as an ambassador for Donate Life to promote organ tissue and tissue donation.


The legacy of service to the community and department was culminated with Jon being inducted to the Chino Valley Unified School District Richard Gird Hall of Fame in 2018.

As an officer, Jon has worked in almost all areas of the department.

His assignments include; Patrol, Mobile Field Force, SWAT, Explorer Advisor, Field Training Officer, Narcotics Investigator, Detective, School Resource Officer, Training Coordinator, Tactics Instructor, Lead Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor and Mounted Posse Supervisor.

As a Training Coordinator

Jon helped build a training house with moveable walls used to teach officers in all manner of tactics.  During his time in the Training Unit, the unit was recognized in the department’s Unit Citation for the quality of training and innovation.

As an Explorer Advisor

Jon helped develop and implement a one-week live-in academy for the explorers.  This program was later offered to surrounding agencies and is used train explorers from multiple agencies.

As a Tactics Instructor

Jon helped develop active shooter protocols and developed training for the Chino Police Department and Chino Valley Independent Fire District.  He also developed and implemented a community program used to educate and instruct the public on Active Shooter Events and the steps to survive.

As a Firearms Instructor

Jon has developed countless courses of instruction for the police department.  He was instrumental in the implementation of red dot sighting systems on handguns.  Jon performed the test and evaluation, wrote the proposal and policy, and developed the training and qualification course used for red dot sight systems.


As an Officer

Jon has received many accolades including Excellence Awards, Madd Awards, Beat Cop of the Quarter, Life Saving Award, Unit Citations and was recognized as the Officer of the Year in 2015.

We need to establish and maintain a safe and stable learning environment.

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